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June 27, 2010: Low back pain

Welcome to the official blog for Colin Hoobler's weekly NBC news segment, Oregonian column and "The Fitness Show" on PBS!

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This week, I'm going to address a key exercise for people with chronic low back pain while addressing all components of fitness: muscle strength, endurance, body composition and flexibility. To feel and look your best while treating and/or preventing disease, your fitness/rehabilitation program should address all these components regardless of your current health status! Progress slowly to get the amazing benefits of exercise without getting hurt.

If you are seeking to slim down while combatting disease, get professional help from a physical therapist (PT) as it is likely to be covered by insurance. Just make sure your PT is knowledgeable in exercise. Need help finding one in your area? Contact me at and I'll try to help!


My books show how to practically apply exercise science nutrition to your daily life. "Lose the Wait" (2007, Premier Press) is for the general public while the "Advanced Training Specialist" textbook (2007, Premier Press) is for health professionals (e.g., PT, MD) and/or students seeking a greater understanding of safe, effective exercise (especially resistance training).

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In 1990, I started out as a fitness trainer in a health club, not realizing the complexity of recommending safe, effective exercise because I had no formal training. The more I trained people, the more uncomfortable I became because I wondered if there was a better way. Regular workouts were becoming more important to me, so I began competing as a natural bodybuilder. The more I worked out and more people I trained, the more I wanted to further my education. In 1992, I started school at Oregon State University and continued to compete as a natural bodybuilder. While I won a couple competitions (1993 Collegiate Mr. Oregon, 1995 Ironman Natural), I was relentless in my pursuit to improve my mind and body. After graduating from OSU in 1995 with a Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science, I enrolled in the graduate program at the University of Oregon and started competing nationally as a natural bodybuilder, finishing 4th at the 1996 Team Universe Championship in New York City. After graduating in 1997 from U of O with a Master's degree in Exercise Science, I still lacked the credibility to work with people who had injury and/or disease. In 1999, The Medical College of Pennsylvania, Hahnemann University (now Drexel University) accepted me for Physical Therapy School, so I "retired" from competitive bodybuilding after 8 grueling years. Physical therapy school was a very humbling experience, where I learned that many of my preconceived notions about exercise were wrong and so I started writing a textbook ("The Advanced Training Specialist") for physical therapists. In 2001, I graduated with a Master's degree in physical therapy and returned to Portland to start a clinic where I wanted to give new meaning to the term "physical therapy" using safe, effective exercise. In September 2002, I opened c.h. Physical Therapy in the Pearl district and also had my own weekly radio show "Smart Fitness" on KOTK. I also started teaching educational courses to physical therapists, and am still amazed at how desperately needed exercise education is in the PT profession and at large. In 2004, I began working towards having my own TV show on OPB, opening additional clinics. In 2008, I started a health segment on the local NBC news affiliate (KGW channel 8) and in 2010, a weekly column in the Oregonian newspaper. More to come!